milkteds® luxury range of compression travel socks offer an impressive selection of fashionable colours to suit your every travel style needs. Compression socks should be worn ideally for any form of travel, not just when flying as remaining stationary and confined, allows blood to pool in your feet, ankles and legs. milkteds® compression travel socks gently provide a massage encouraging blood flow upwards leaving you light on your feet with a spring in your step.

Who knew travelling in compression socks could be so comfortable?

Thanks to milkteds® innovative 3D knit technology with micro massage on the sole of the foot and our unique milk fibre yarn provide a level of luxury in compression, you now no longer have to grin and bear your journey due to our exceptional features.

With a wide soft cuff sitting just under your knee, gone is the ‘strangled constricting uncomfortable grip’ traditionally associated with compression socks. There really is no excuse now for not taking the preventative health benefits of compression wear seriously whilst out and about on your travels.

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