So the bad news is, you have been unwell and advised to wear compression socks during your recovery. Well the good news is, you timed it right! Here at milkteds® we have just launched our new and exciting range of ‘intelligent’ compression wear.

And, the best news is, despite having 18-22 mm Hg graduated compression (to aid circulation) they are a dream to put on and take off, unlike the standard issue compression wear, which are a struggle. Gone too is the coarse, synthetic feel and the strangled cuff, cutting into your knees. The luxuriously soft and comfortable experience of wearing milkteds® compression with our unique milk fibre yarn will no doubt be most appreciated by you whilst you are in recuperation. We have spent many months here at milkteds® producing the next generation of recovery compression wear. milkteds® work hard to aid your recovery silently by targeting your circulation to improve, through the use of compression to speed up your return to normal life.

In a range of colours and styles to suit for all occasions, we think you will be delighted with our innovative 3D knit technology encouraging zonal micro massage in the sole of your foot in our range, we have literally thought of everything.

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