milkteds® hosiery are not aimed at providing treatment to help with existing problems in the feet and lower leg associated with poor venous return or venous insufficiency. In particular, those with chronic pain and swelling, previous history of DVT, phlebitis and varicose veins will require formal assessment and intervention by an appropriate physician and relevant compression products. Please see a full of our contraindications below which is also provided with every product and in our free multi-lingual booklet (in twenty languages provided with every purchase).

Compression hosiery is not recommended in the following circumstances:

Contraindications: Individuals suffering from: Cellulitis, septic phlebitis, phlegmasia coerulea dolens, suspected or proven peripheral arterial occlusive disease, cardiac failure (decompensated heart diseases), diabetics with peripheral arterial disease or peripheral neuropathy, peripheral arterial bypass grafting, gangrene, peripheral neuropathy or other causes of sensory impairment.

Relative Contraindications: Mild phlebitis, rheumatoid arthritis, any local conditions in which stockings may cause damage, for example fragile ‘tissue paper’ skin, dermatitis or other concomitant dermatoses, recent skin graft, and allergy to natural protein fibres or any of the other materials used in the manufacture (as listed in the composition of this product).


Disclaimer: The information contained in the above paragraphs with regards to contraindications is only a guide and not intended as clinical advice. If you are unsure or worried about the suitability of wearing hosiery with compression please seek professional advice by speaking to an appropriately qualified medical physician. Milkthreads Ltd does not assume liability as a result of any inappropriate or contraindicated use of this product.

Special note: If you notice skin irritation or pain whist wearing this product please remove the product immediately, and if the symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.

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